Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye!

Friday August 12, 2011
exit Shearwater
arrive Lockhart Bay Horsfall Island 52 12.19N, 128 15.47W
This is where we are parting ways with Invictus. It has been so much fun boating along side with them and I am sure we will do it again next summer. But they have to start their journey towards home, and we still have lots of time to play!
I love the colours in this picture... looking towards the mainland coast mountains, just outside Bella Bella.
Our day was pretty uneventful, mostly grey and no wind. Our first stop was at Bella Bella to fill up with fuel and water since they don't have potable water in Shearwater (not sure why not, but that is what they told us).
Our first pick for anchorage, just west of Mallory Islands, was too crowded with fishing charter boats, so we turned around (very tight anchorage) and went a little further on, anchoring in very quiet Lockhart Bay.
Saturday August 13, 2011
Decided to stay another day in this beautiful bay, something we call a home day, where you just stay put. We waited for the rain to stop, and then used the dingy to explore the shore. Not much to report except a very large mass of fishing net and floats caught up on the rocks close to shore. It looked awful, but lots of creatures were making in into a home so we left it alone. Spent most of the day reading and just hanging.

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Pat Shaughnessy said...

I agree...yes that is a beautiful photo and the colours are perfect together!