Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kildidt Narrows and Inlet

Monday August 22, 2011
leave Spitfire
arrive Kildidt Lagoon, Gnat Group then move to Bremner Bay 51 50.80N 128 06.78W
Looking glass water just at the eastern end of Spitfire Channel, going into Kildidt Sound.

Halfway inside Kildidt Inlet.
After pulling up anchor in Spitfire Cove, we carefully navigated our way through Spitfire Channel, the beginning of which is only 20 feet wide and a least depth of 6 feet at a zero tide. To add to the difficulties, there is a tree overhanging the entry by about 10 feet. So, we chose high tide to go through, but even with the extra room, it was probably the tightest narrows we have been through. Coming out the other side into Kildidt Sound, the water was so smooth, we felt like intruders into another world. 
Without hesitation, we decided to carry on through Kildidt Narrows and explore Kildidt Inlet. We did not see any other boats nor any evidence of people, as in logging, float homes, roads or garbage. If you want a feeling of isolation, this is the place to be. It was just us and the seals. 
Brown water from the cedar trees.
We anchored near the Gnat group of islands, got in the dingy and headed back to the narrows for a look at low tide. The water in the inlet is stained brown from all the run off from the cedar trees, but as we got closer to the narrows, it cleared up and we could see the bottom.....
If we wanted sea cucumber for dinner, we would have had no problem getting enough to feed a crowd.
As you have read before, I love taking pictures of the underwater life, and here it was beautiful of course. We also spotted a colony of sea pens growing on a sandy spot in about 15 feet of water, but I had trouble getting a good picture because the current was pushing us around too much.
Back at the boat, we decided to pull anchor and head back out through the narrows and find a more sheltered spot for the night which is why we ended up in Bremner Bay. The boat we were anchored with in Spitfire was already there, so I guess we both had the same idea. We slept nicely.

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