Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jedidiah to Comox and on to Copeland Islands

Wednesday June 27, 2012
Lv: Jedidiah 8:00a
Ar: Comox Harbour 2:00p
Lv: Comox Harbour 5:00p
Ar: Keefer Bay, Savory Island 9:30p

The crew were in better spirits after we got anchored and then onto solid land. We went ashore on Jedidiah to see the wild sheep and were not disappointed, we found quite a few, but they promptly ran off when they saw us.
Aiden found an eagle feather and then I found another two. We also found a pile of sheep bones and a skull from a wood pecker (I think). Very exciting day!
We are on our way to Comox Harbour to drop the kids off, then we will try to make it across to the Savory Island for the night. We might have a few days coming up with no internet, probably not until Port McNeill.

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Pat Shaughnessy said...

Nice photos! I especially like the one of the 3 adventurers! Looks like something from a movie.