Monday, August 6, 2012

On our way again.

We are just leaving Prince Rupert after having filled up with fuel and water. This is a good stop for provisions and doing some laundry.
We are heading out to Stephen's Island for tonight, a place we have not been yet. On this trip we have mostly been going to places that are new to us.
This crab, a Spiny King Crab, was in our trap in McMicking Inlet. This is a juvenile, they get to be up to 60 pounds. We let him go.
This is the only bear we saw on Princess Royal Island, home to the Spirit Bear. This bear is the same type of bear only it is not white like the Spirit Bear.
We have seen some very beautiful sunsets, especially when there was smoke in the air from the forest fires in Colorado.

When we were in McMicking Inlet on Campania Island, we also caught a BIG dungeness crab, enough meat it in to last us two dinners. We are going to stop there again on our way home to hopefully stock up!
This will probably be the last post until we get close to Bella Bella. Not sure when that will be, but at least 10 days or more.

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