Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blunden Harbour

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We arrived in Blunden Harbour on Thursday afternoon, got in a little sailing but mostly motoring. Tucked into the west corner of the harbour, we still had winds buffeting us up to 10 knots. After dinner, we went ashore for a little exploration.
Friday we decided to take it easy and just stayed put, did some reading and then took the dingy to see the reversing falls, very cool.
Today, Saturday, we are heading out again. On our way to the Walker Group of Islands, just a little north and east of Port Hardy. We are having a beautiful sail today, and just spotted a group of about 8-10 orca... they swam right under our boat but didn't stop to say hi. It looked like they were on a mission, or maybe chasing some fish. We are hoping to catch a nice salmon for dinner tonight, got the line out so we will keep our fingers crossed.

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Maureen said...

mmm, crab cakes? Now that I've been on your boat, whenever I see a photo like this I can picture in my mind the whole context of it. What a great dining spot! Looks delicious too.