Monday, August 12, 2013

Leaving Bamfield

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Well, today is Monday August 12th and we are just leaving Bamfield. Our original plan was to head out on Saturday but the wind decided to do an about turn. So we headed over to Bamfield and hooked up with Rick and Rosita. Yesterday Rick took us out fishing on his FAST boat and we hauled in 8 beautiful coho, 4 for each of Jerry and I!! It was unbelievably fun, especially when we scored two double headers, that is two fish on at the same time, and we landed all of them.
So, we are on our way home, today will be a long day, we might make it almost to Victoria and if not we will be in Port Renfrew tonight.


Pat Shaughnessy said...

Your new crew member seems to get the idea! Take a look at that stance! Nice that you had a great time with Rick and Rosita. "Have a safe trip home" (Adina's words to me every time I leave her place).

Maureen said...

seems like your 3 month trip has flown by so fast! It *was* three months, right? ;-)