Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leaving the Pacific behind.

I am playing catch up on our few last days out on the water. We arrive home last Thursday afternoon. We left Port San Juan on Tuesday morning and motored about 30 miles to Becher Bay, catching another coho along the way. For the most part, the fog had left us alone, but we did not have enough wind to fill our sails.Inline image 2
Oh well, Maggie and I enjoyed the day!


Pat Shaughnessy said...

Happy fisherwoman! Nice fish there!

Maureen said...

Maggie looks like she wants you to give her the whole fish. Did she help catch it?

Wet Coasters said...

When we have the line out, Maggie is always on high alert... as soon as the line goes zinngggg!!! Maggie starts barking and jumping around. But she mostly gets in the way when we are trying to haul the fish in. Then once it is dead, she gets to have a piece, her most favourite treat!