Friday, June 13, 2014

Arrival in Prince Rupert

Friday June 13, 2014
We arrived in Prince Rupert harbour yesterday afternoon. We started off motoring into 15-20 knots of wind, but then with a bit of a change in wind direction and our heading we were able to put up the sails and had a exciting sail all the way into the harbour. 
Sailing across Queen Charlotte Strait, EXCELLENT!
From Ladysmith Harbour to Crease Island in the Broughton's took us just 3 1/2 days, that is a record time for us, but we really pushed it. Normally we would take at least a week to do that distance.
Sunset, always beautiful on the west coast.
From Port McNeill to Prince Rupert, the trip has been mostly uneventful. We have seen humpbacks and dolphins, caught a nice big ling cod, and done some beach combing (haven't found any treasures yet!).
Miss Maggie... where do I go from here?
After my last post, I did promise to tell a little story and it just happens to be about Miss Maggie. We went for a walk after anchoring in a small cove on the mainland. We knew we might be in bear country, so went prepared with our can of bear spray. We walked along an old logging road for about 30 minutes and turned around and shortly after that we all three saw a grizzly come out of the forest about 150 feet in front of us. Maggie took off after him before we could do anything. So, we both ran after Maggie, shouting all the way. The bear ran as fast as he could trying to get away from this awful monster that was right on his heals and making big loud noises! She came back, after probably chasing the bear for half a kilometer, looking like she was in big trouble, but we were just so glad to see her again! So, from now on, we will have her on a leash if there is any chance bears are around. 

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