Friday, June 27, 2014

Petersburg Alaska

Friday June 27

Maggie in her Buddy Rider for a bike tour of Petersburg. 

We have arrived in Petersburg, and the trip so far has been quite an adventure. We have been trying to explore some places we didn't get into last time we were here. Petersburg wasn't one of them, but it is such a quaint town, we really couldn't pass it up.

Alaskan sunset in St John Bay, Zarembo Island

We have finally had a couple days of no rain, the last week has been hard to take with all the rain we had. If it wasn't raining, it was spitting or misting. We only just yesterday got dried out. But it really is amazing what a few days of sun will do for your spirits! 

Distant rain, coming our way...

Dungeness crab season opened here on June 15th so just about all the anchorages have a gazillion crab traps and mostly in the depth of water we need to anchor. So it does make things a bit more interesting when putting down the anchor. 

Marina/Cruise Ship madness Ketchikan 

We enjoyed our time in Ketchikan (except for the rain, which was one downpour after another), but we were glad to move on. Originally we were only going to stay one night, but the next day's forecast was completely miserable, so we decided to hunker down and have a popcorn day.

Margie enjoying her morning cuppa coffee on Fancy Free, Quotoon Inlet BC

Truly the most beautiful spot on our trip so far was the end of Quotoon Inlet off Work Channel just northeast of Port Simpson. And we had the pleasure of sharing that time with Margie and Al on their boat. We will definitely visit this area again.

Pair of grizzly cubs, Work Inlet BC. You can almost expect to see bears everywhere you stop.

Our next leg will be from Petersburg to Juneau, probably. We will stop in Endicott Arm to visit Ford's Terror and Dawes Glacier. Then either head up to Juneau or tour around the eastern shore of Admiralty Island. We will just see where the wind blows us. Until next time! Keep the wind in your sails!


Peter and Roma said...

Great updates, keep them coming. Looks and sounds like a fun trip so far. Wish we were there. Have a bite of crab for us.

Peter and Roma

Maureen said...

Makes me we wish lived on the coast and had a boat, but our lives have taken a different course... anyway, Kat I LOVE your updates, your photos, your succinct words describing the trip and your adventures. I didn't know Margie and Al were accompanying you two. That's cool! I love that shot of Margie on their boat. So peaceful. Are you going to be stopping in Skagway? That's where John Carney is living for the season, flying helicopter. Maybe you'll see him. :-)

Pat Shaughnessy said...

Wow Kathy! It sure looks like an amazing adventure. I love your photos! Cute Maggie and what a beautiful sunset. Happy to hear you had a great time with Margie & Al.