Monday, July 14, 2014

Ticking off the list...

Monday July 14, Pelican Alaska
Internet at the library in Pelican. This town of 80 residents has no roads, only boardwalks. People get around on quads or bikes or on foot. 

Well, we "did" Glacier Bay, and I would have to say we were disappointed, but only because of the weather. The first day was fine, but the next 4 it rained or was foggy and we couldn't see much. I am sure we missed some beautiful scenery but what can you do? 

Sea lions in Glacier Bay, part of a colony of about 1000.

Reid Glacier, in Reid Inlet where we anchored. This glacier is only partly tidal, meaning most of the time it is not in the water. The chunks in the middle of the picture would be about 20' cubes. 

Momma bear in Reid Inlet.

Momma with her two cubs from this year.

Our next port of call is Sitka, if all goes as planned. Our favourite little town from our last trip here, we are looking forward to visiting again. If the weather co-operates, we will stay on the "outside" and travel down to the southern end of Baranof Island. 

Maggie on one of her shore leaves. She gets her business done and then wants to get back to the boat.

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