Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our escort through Ernest Sound

June 17, 2007
Time: 0900 Hrs: 847.5
Humidity: 70% Temp: 15 C Overcast, winds 10-20 knots.
Lv: Meyers Chuck
Course: Ernest Sound > Seward Passage > Santa Anna Inlet.
We are following another boat whose occupants we met in Meyers Chuck, to the next anchorage in Santa Anna Inlet. They are from San Francisco, and are making this trip for the third time.
On our way through Ernest Sound, we are accompanied by a small pod of about 6 or 7 Dall’s Porpoise. They swam with us for almost 30 minutes, seeming to want to urge us on maybe to go faster, riding our bow wave and surfing directly in front of the boat. It seems they really enjoy this activity, but who knows why. Very cool but very hard to get a good picture as you can see.
It started raining hard just before we head into Santa Anna Inlet.
Arv: Santa Anna Inlet
Lat: 55 58.61 N
Lon: 131 55.99 W
Time 1345
Trip: 20.2 nm Log: 3228.4 nm
We let the engine cool for a few minutes and then Jerry changed the oil. That needs to be done about every 150 hours, so we may have to change it again before we get home. I finish up making a banana cream pie for Jerry for Father’s Day. He got pretty spoiled today I’ll tell you!