Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wrangell Harbour fishing boats

June 18, 2007
Time: 0700 Hrs: 851.5
Humidity: 70% Temp: 13 C Partly Cloudy, calm.
Lv: Santa Anna Inlet
Course: Seward Passage > Zimovia Straight > Wrangell.
We can see some new snow on the mountain tops nearby and some blue sky ahead of us.
The water here is very muddy from the Stikine River. We noticed the water changing colour as we entered Ernest Sound on our way to Santa Anna Inlet. It reminds me of the muddy Fraser River in Vancouver. Dungeness crab season has just opened and everywhere you look there are the floats from the crab pots, especially close to shore in about 30 feet.
Arv: Wrangell Harbour
Lat: 56 27.87 N
Lon: 132 22.90 W
Time: 1400
Trip: 34.1 nm Log: 3262.5 nm
Purchase fuel: 23.2 US gal (92 L) $73.56 US Hrs: 858.1
We raft up with Liberty at the fisherman’s dock. Moorage is cheap at $12 per night. We take a little tour of the town, checking out their Museum (worth the trip), checking in at US Customs at Dr. Smith’s office (the local chiropractor is the customs officer), and then getting a few things at the grocery store. On the way back to the dock, Jerry purchases a sockeye from a local fisherman ($7 for about a 10 pounder). He does a good job cleaning and cutting it up considering his inexperience with it. We’ll have salmon for dinner tomorrow, with Greek salad and some boiled new potatoes (our favorite dinner). After dinner we get some laundry done and make a few phone calls.

I have had a request for more pictures of ourselves, so here is another.......... (and yes Mom, we are still alive and well and on our boat!)