Monday, June 11, 2007

The Rock on Gill Island

We should have stopped at Butedale yesterday. There is a caretaker who looks after the dock and when visitors come, he has a bonfire on the beach and tells stories about the Spirit Bear. And usually one will come around when visitors are there. But we were not aware of this little tidbit of information until we talked to some other boaters in Hartley Bay. Darn!
June 7, 2007
Time 0900
Humidity: 44% Temp: 18 C Partly cloudy, but beautiful day.
Lv: Coghlan Anchorage
Course: Hartley Bay > Wright Sound > Grenville Channel > Klewnuggit Inlet
We are taking a side trip to Hartly Bay today. This is the little town that came to the rescue when the BC Ferries vessel "Queen of the North" went down on March 22, 2006 after hitting a 'rock'. The picture above is taken, looking south, as we were leaving Hartly Bay, traveling north up Grenville Channel. The little bump in the island on the right is the rock, Gill Island, that the ferry hit. It sunk in 30 minutes in 1400 feet. Hartly Bay does not have any roads, just boardwalks. It is a really neat little town of about 150 people.

Arv: Klewnuggit Bay
Time: 2000
Lat: 53 42.85 N
Lon: 129 43.64 W
Trip: 34.2nm Log: 3039.0 nm