Monday, June 11, 2007

Princess Royal Island, home of the Spirit Bear

June 6, 2007
Time: 0840
Humidity: 79% Temp: 13 C Overcast skies
Lv: Windy Bay
Course: Sheep Passage > Finlayson Channel > Hiekish Narrows > Princess Royal Channel > Wright Sound > Coghlan Anchorage, Promise Island
We traveled past Princess Royal Island today, where the Spirit Bear lives. We did not have the pleasure of seeing one, but just looking at the island we could sense his presence. It is a beautiful island, laced with waterfalls and misty valleys.
This was our longest day so far, and we were very tired when we finally anchored. We were the only boat in the anchorage so we had lots of room. We put out a lot of rode because the weather forecast is for a windy night. Quick leftovers for dinner and then off to bed. One thing I have not mentioned yet is how light it is when we go to bed. The sun is setting after 2200 now, and because we hit the pillows pretty early, I have to block out the light from all the windows with cardboard. That way we can also sleep in past 0400 when the sun comes up.
Arv: Coghlan Anchorage, near Hartley Bay
Lat: 53 23.90 N
Lon: 129 17.27W
Time: 1915
Trip: 56.1 nm Log: 3004.8
We should have stopped at Butedale. There is a caretaker who looks after the dock and when visitors come, he has a bonfire on the beach and tells stories about the Spirit Bear. And usually one will come around when visitors are there. But we were not aware of this little tidbit of information until we talked to some other boaters in Hartley Bay. Darn!