Monday, June 11, 2007

On the way to Oliver Cove

June 3, 2007
Time: 0900
Log: 2861.0 nm Hrs: 773
Lv: Codville Lagoon
Course: Fitz Hugh Sound > Lama Passage > Shearwater > Seaforth Channel > Reid Passage > Oliver Cove M.P., Don Peninsula (part of the mainland)
The crab trap we had put out the day before had a big Sunflower Star in it. The prawn trap had nothing. I am not sure what we are doing wrong, but we sure are not having the same result that we had last summer in Desolation Sound. I haven’t given up though, I am sure we will hit it big soon. The weather is sunny and 22 degrees. We sail most of the day, with a perfect tail wind.
Arv: Shearwater
We decide to top up our fuel tank and get some fresh produce. When we get to the fuel dock, we have to get in line because they are closed for lunch! When the attendant gets there, he tells us that the grocery store is closed because it is Sunday.
43 L diesel, $47.40
Discover that we have internet service, so we decide to hang around Bella Bella for a little while to catch up on things. I downloaded the recipe for lemon meringue pie, so I can use up some lemons I have left. I forgot my recipe books at home, so I have been having to compromise.
Arv: Oliver Cove Marine Park
Lat: 52 18.67 N
Lon: 128 21.24 W
Time: 1830
Trip: 31.3 nm