Monday, June 11, 2007

Some benefits of nice friends....

June 04, 2007
Time 0930
Log: 2892.2 nm Hrs: 781
Humidity: 74% Temp: 17 Celsius, raining
Lv: Oliver Cove M.P.
Course: Reid Passage > Perceval Narrows > Mathieson Channel > Kynoch Inlet, Fiordland Recreation Area
Today is forecast to be raining ALL day. This will be our first day of solid rain, hopefully. We are happy that it will be raining all day because we get to open a present. The day we left Ladysmith, our friends Walter and Mavis brought over a bag of gifts for us. Along with the gifts was a “Schedule for Opening”….

  • One for Tracy Arm – only to be mixed with glacial ice from Tracy Arm Alaska
  • One for our first fish over 5 pounds – now you know why I am trying so hard to catch a fish!
  • One for our most northerly latitude – will probably be Juneau
  • And one for the day it rains ALL DAY!

I also decided that I would include the weather information in my log posts because it is such a big part of boating. We listen to the weather channel on our VHF radio at least 3 times a day. We are motoring today, there are no winds.

Our destination today is Kynock Inlet in Fiordland Recreation Area. This is part of the BC mainland coast. It is a huge park covering 225,000 acres of land at the end of Mathieson Channel. It has steep, granite cliffs rising over 1000 m (3200 feet) that are laced with spectacular waterfalls, especially beautiful after a day of rain!
Arv: End of Kynoch Inlet, near Culpepper Lagoon
Lat: 52 45.37 N
Lon: 127 53.31 W
Time: 1730
Trip: 38.1 nm
Not the easiest place to anchor because it gets shallow so quickly, but we manage in about 40’ of water on the second try. Put the crab trap down on advice from a prawn fisherman from Nanaimo who was fishing nearby.