Monday, June 11, 2007

Waterfall in Kynoch Inlet

We have seen some of the most amazing waterfalls on this trip. I have tried to take pictures, but when I look at the picture I have taken it really pales to the real thing. This one was the most awesome, we took this picture from almost a half mile away. You could hear the water coming down easily 2 miles away.
June 5, 2007
Time: 1200
Log: 2930.4 nm Hrs: 789
Humidity: 71% Temp: 16 Celsius. Overcast sky, light wind coming up the inlet.
Lv: Kynoch Inlet anchorage
Course: Kynoch Inlet > Mathieson Channel > Sheep Passage > Windy Bay, Pooley Island
We were going to stay overnight here but with the low tide and wind blowing up the inlet, our boat was getting into shallow water. Our depth meter said 11.4’ at the lowest. So we pulled in a little of the anchor rode, moved out into 25’ and then waited to see what would happen. In just a few minutes we were in shallow water again. So, we pulled the anchor up and took off.Our crab trap yielded two Dungeness Crabs, both male, but one too small. Yeah!
Arv: Windy Bay, Pooley Island
Time: 1630
Lat: 52 46.80 N
Trip: 18.3 nm Log: 2948.7 nm
Jerry picked the crab trap location; he thinks he knows the trick. We anchored in 62’ here, and put out about 200’ of rode. Nice quiet bay, the weather forecast is for moderate winds from the NW. We killed the crab from this morning, that is Jerry stabbed it and I pulled the shell off. Nasty business! I cooked it and we just finished enjoying fresh Dungeness drizzled with garlic cooked in olive oil. It was delicious! Irish stew and fresh baked bread for dinner.