Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wrangell Narrows

June 19, 2007
Time: 0750
Humidity: 72% Temp: 13 C Partly cloudy, calm. Forecast is for maybe some rain.
Lv: Wrangell Harbour
Course: Stikine Straight > Wrangell Narrows > Petersburg.
We have to time our departure so that we get to Green Point in Wrangell Narrows, the middle, at about the time of slack at high water. Wrangell Narrows is a dredged passage way about 21 miles long, with 66 navigation markers, leading to Petersburg. That way we can use the current to our advantage, both going in and coming out the other side. This picture is of a bunch of fishermen in the narrows; they pretty much ignored us as we tried to navigate around them.
Arv: Petersburg
Lat: 56 48.79 N
Lon: 132 57.68 W
Trip: 30.6 nm Log: 3293.1 nm
We tied up at the dock and then had a quick look around town. We found out we could get internet service at the local library (where I am right now), so we hurried back to the boat, made our dinner of fresh caught sockeye salmon on the BBQ. We are going to stay here tomorrow and maybe do some kayaking.

Jerry driving the boat....