Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally our first crabs

July 13, 2007
Time: 0925 Hrs: 988.0
Humidity 74% Temp: 18 C, Overcast, no rain, light winds.
Lv: Dunbar Inlet
Course: Tlevak Strait > Cordova Bay > Barrier Islands
Pick up the crab trap, and lo and behold, we finally hit the mother lode! Four nice Dungeness, three of them big males. We’re having crab for dinner tonight, doo daa, doo daa! Friday the thirteenth is our lucky day, unlucky for the crabs, but they did have a nice last meal.
Arv: Middle Island, Barrier Island Group
Lat: 54 48.61 N
Lon: 132 26.21 W
Time: 1630
Trip: 28.5 nm Log: 3913.1 nm
After dinner of crab on pasta and a big green salad, we are off to do some exploring around the bay. We spot a couple floats (the kind used on crab or prawn traps) washed up on the shore, and thus starts a new hobby for Jerry….. beachcombing. This area has lots of stuff on the beaches, mostly from the fishermen….. netting, plastic containers of all sizes, floats, and rope. From a distance it is hard to see, but once you get up close you realize the amount of garbage is almost unbelievable.