Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Charles has a new spot...

Charles likes to curl up here on the steps because it is warm from the engine. Also because it is right in the way!

July 14, 2007

Time: 0930 Hrs: 995.6
Humidity: 67% Temp: 19 C Foggy, cloudy, raining.
Lv: Middle Island, Barrier Island Group
Course: Cordova Bay > Dixon Entrance > Nichols Bay
Arv: Nichols Bay, Prince of Wales Island
Lat: 54 43.24 N
Lon: 132 08.31 W
Time: 1450
Trip: 17.8 nm Log: 3930.9 nm
As we were coming into this anchorage, we noticed lots of prawn traps out. So, we get the trap ready, and head out in the dingy, put it down in about 250’ and then do some exploring around the shore. Of course, we find more fishing floats and nets. This bay has twice as much garbage as the last one! I thought it was bad there, but man; Alaska really should have a beach clean up. This is really terrible, we never saw anything like it in BC. We salvaged 4 floats, and over two hundred feet of rope, still in good condition.
After dinner, we go check the trap, and after only 4 hours, we have 18 prawns! Looks like we will be having prawns tomorrow.