Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Baranof Island

July 6, 2007
Time: 0700 Hrs 944.1
Humidity: 74% Temp: 14 C. Cloudy, wind 10 knots.
Lv: Appleton Cove
Course: Peril Strait > Chatham Strait > Warm Springs Bay
We had to motor through Peril Strait and then a few miles into Chatham Strait because the wind was coming straight at us. We finally picked up a nice 15 knot wind and put up both sails to make our way down the east coast of Baranof Island. We kept having to tack out of the way of fishing boats and their picker boats.
Arv: Warm Springs Bay
Lat: 57 05.32 N
Lon: 134 48.12 W
Time: 1825
Trip: 45.8 nm Log: 3708.3 nm
The public dock and the area close to it are full with fishing boats. Tomorrow night is the opening for salmon fishing and these boats are getting ready to go out. Closer to the entrance to the bay is a small one boat cove called Schooner Cove. Lucky for us, there is not another boat there, so we put our anchor down and enjoy a nice quiet evening. We decide that this would be a good place to spend an extra day.