Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Warm Springs Bay

July 7, 2007
We slept in today until almost 9:00! This is going to be a day of relaxation as our plan is to head over to the little “town” in the dingy and have a soak in the hot spring and then take a nice long bath in the bath house. This is another community with no roads, just boardwalks. The general store is apparently only open when the owner feels like it. Today is not one of those days. We continue on just a short 10 minute walk out of town and find a beautiful hot spring right next to the rushing river. I was thrilled, Jerry didn’t like all the gunk in the water! But it felt soooo nice, our legs had trouble taking us back to town. We stopped to chat with the resident caretaker. He told us they had 34 feet of snow this past winter. That would explain why we can still see snow down next to the water in some places. His main job in the winter is snow removal from all the boardwalks!
Before heading back to our boat, we stop at the community bathhouse. There are three rooms, each with a large tub being constantly filled with water from the hot springs. As you soak in the tub, you can look out over the bay towards the surrounding mountains covered with snow. Ahhhhh, this really is a nice place and one that I would come back to in a heartbeat. Jerry and I soaked until we couldn’t take the heat anymore.
We slowly made our way back, feeling that nothing could be better at this very moment. We did some more exploring in the rest of the bay and come across a brown bear feeding on grass. At first we surprised him, but then he became unconcerned and continued to eat. I was able to get some great pictures.
Back at the boat, we feasted on BBQ’ed salmon, greek salad and rice pilaf with tea and date bars for dessert.
It’s not where we go, it’s the journey we take.