Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prince of Wales Island as the fog lifts.

July 15, 2007
Time: 0700 (Alaska time)
Hrs: 1001.4
Humidity: 66% Temp: 16 C Overcast, foggy, calm.
Nichols Bay
Course: Dixon Entrance > Dundas Island, BC
We were really hoping to have some wind today to cross Dixon Entrance but it looks like we will be motoring all the way. Maybe it will pick up this afternoon so we can sail.

Arv: Brundige Inlet,
Dundas Island
Lat: 54 35.62 N

Lon: 130 52.14 W

Time: 1930 (BC time)

Trip: 46.0 nm Log: 3976.9 nm
The wind finally picked up as we approached Dundas Island and we got in some nice sailing in 20 knots, got the boat to just under 8 knots. We are anchored in almost the same spot as the last time we were here. We have now made a full circle. Glad to be back in
Canada, but sad to be leaving Alaska which has been a wonderful place to explore. We'll be back!