Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Some needed maintenance....

July 2, 2007
On most boats, things are a lot smaller than in a house and when it came to cleaning out the dust from the air intake to the refrigerator condenser, it took Jerry most of the morning to get the screws out and then contort his body into the small space to do the job.
Afterwards, we did some laundry and a short bike ride up island. Sitka only has 17 miles (total) of roads, but everyone here has a car. Most of the roads are good, but close to town they are very narrow, hardly room for two cars and a bike. It is a nice little town to visit, lots worth seeing, but they should encourage residents to use the public transit or bikes more. I mean really, with only that much road to drive on, don't you think you would get board pretty fast of driving your car?