Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Copeland Islands Marine Park

Aug 07, 2007
Time: 0800 Hrs: 1108.8
Humidity 74% Temp: 19 C. Overcast, calm in the cove, moderate winds in the strait.
Lv: Copeland Islands M.P.
Course: Strait of Georgia past Lund > Malaspina Strait > Hotham Sound > Thunder Bay
Our plan is to anchor just inside Hotham Sound today. We have a 10 -15 knot wind directly on our bow, so will be motoring unless the wind changes. Still lots of boats around, and whenever a big powerboat passes us we rocked by their wake. It is not very comfortable today. Charles has moved to his "I'm feeling seasick" location on top of the engine. He is getting pretty smart about what to expect in different sea conditions.
Arv: Thunder Bay, near Stillwater
Lat: 49 45.89 N
Lon: 124 16.20 W
Time: 1420
Trip: 33.6 nm Log: 4598.9
We passed our 2000 nautical mile landmark today.