Thursday, August 2, 2007

Crossing Hecate Strait

I didn't take any pictures on this day because there really is nothing to see out there except gray. The water blends into the sky with the fog and everything is gray. We didn't even see another boat until we were almost over to Queen Charlotte and it was a fishing boat.

July 19, 2007
Time: 0705 Hrs: 1022.8
Humidity: 78% Temp: 16 C. Overcast, foggy, light winds as we leave anchorage.
Lv: Dolphin Island anchorage
Course: Browning Entrance > Hecate Strait > Skidegate Inlet > Bearskin Bay
We start off motoring, but once we clear the islands we are able to put up both sails in a 15-20 knot wind on our port beam. A very successful sail, finally!
Arv: Bearskin Bay, near Queen Charlotte City, Graham Island
Lat: 53 15.04 N
Lon: 132 04.81 W
Time: 1905
Trip: 65.7 nm Log: 4112.0