Thursday, August 2, 2007

Queen Charlotte City

July 20, 2007
Move to the nearby marina and squeeze in. Mostly commercial fishing boats here, but we do have the company of a couple other pleasure boats. We decide to take the bikes out to explore around Queen Charlotte City (not really a city, population is about 950 people) and do some laundry. The visitors centre is very well done, with lots of information and local arts and crafts on display. This little town has some colorful characters such as the man who runs a shop called Rainbows. He admits he is a collector and can’t help himself when he goes to the beach, he picks up just about everything. The front of his shop is covered with fishing floats, shoes, pieces of sunken boats, plastic buckets, driftwood, and just about anything else you might find on the beach. Inside he sells shells, rocks, jewelry, books, etc. It was fun browsing through his store.