Friday, August 3, 2007

Sun setting over the Pacific

How's this for a funny picture? This is the sun setting as we were crossing Queen Charlotte Sound, bouncing along through 3 - 4 metre waves.
I also forgot to mention that we hit a shark as we were sailing just south of the islands. We were going almost 7 knots with both sails up and heard a large thunk thunk. Looking back we could see what looked like a shark swimming in small circles behind us, not looking too good. There was not much we could do except carry on. But we didn't hold out much hope that it would survive being run over by a 17,000 pound boat.
We also saw a small pod of whales that we believe to have been Baird's Beaked Whales but they were a little too far away for us to make a 'for sure' identification. They were not humpbacks, we know that much.