Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hanson Island anchorage

Aug 3, 2007
Time: 0949 Hrs: 1088.0
Humidity 71 % Temp: 19 Partly Cloudy, wind 9 knots.
Lv: Port McNeill
Course: Broughton Strait > Blackfish Sound > Hanson Island
We are going to head across Broughton Strait and have a look around Sointula on Malcolm Island. Then find an anchorage for the night. We have noticed that the boat traffic has increased dramatically. No more deserted anchorages or voyages, there are boats EVERYWHERE!
Arv: anchorage near Double Bay, Hanson Island.
Lat: 50 35.12 N
Lon: 126 45.04 W
Time: 1500
Trip: 20.2 nm Log: 4464.9 nm
One other boat here but by the time we head to bed there are 5 of us in this little bay. The wind has been blowing up to 22 knots most of the day.