Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sailing down Johnstone Strait

Aug 4, 2007
Time: 0845 Humidity: 71% Temp: 17 C. Very cloudy but looks like it might get nice later today. Wind 7 - 10 knots, forecast is for 15 -25 knots in Johnstone Strait increasing to 25 - 35 later today.
Course: Blackfish Sound > Whitebeach Passage > Indian Channel > Beware Passage > Clio Channel > The Blowhole > Chatham Narrows > Johnstone Strait > Billygoat Bay, Helmcken Island
We had the sails up on and off most of the day. Sailing through Johnstone Strait with a 15-20 knot NW wind was fun. Then the wind started to pick up and we had to reef the main and then take it down altogether. But we were rockin!
Arv: Billygoat Bay, Helmcken Island
Lat: 50 24.23 N
Lon: 125 52.53 W
Time: 1740
Trip: 44.6 nm Log: 4509.5 nm
Really nice anchorage here. It is quiet (we are the only boat) and nicely out of the current and wind. We went for a walk on Helmcken Island after dinner and watched a cruise ship slowly move through Race Passage with the current and winds against him.