Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exploring Ajijic January 14-15

This is our street. Our casita is just to the right of the blue/black car next to where the people are walking. You can see the mirador on the top of the house, but you can't see the house.

Jerry and Murphy.

Yesterday we went for a hike up the hill behind our little casita. We stuck to the path going up, but ended up doing some cross country on the way down because we lost the path. The trail is mostly just a cattle trail and they go every which way. We took Murphy, a little Jack Russell that belongs to the couple who are renting the big house. They are here from Ottawa.
It was beautiful from up on the mountain looking down at the town. The lake looks very inviting, but it is not nice to swim in because the say it is only about 6 feet deep at the deepest and polluted.
Today we went on a tour of some houses that are for sale. We wanted to have a look at different places and what your money could buy. Real estate is very cheap here by Canadian standards, but prices will probably come down because of the problems in the US. There are a lot of Americans and Canadians living here full and part time.
Adios until tomorrow~~!