Monday, January 14, 2008

Mexico at last! (January 10-13)

Our casita.

Sunset in Ajijic.

Our first few days in Ajijic have been spent getting settled into our new house. We are living in a casita, which is really just a VERY small house on a lot with a bigger house, probably used for the maid to live in at one time. The owner recently renovated the casita, adding a living room and a mirador (which is a covered patio on the roof). She doubled the size of the casita by doing this. In the top picture you can see our living room, mirador, and rental car. The workmen are still working on finishing things, like tile and a railing on the stairs going up to the mirador. We have a maid that comes once a week for two hours! and a gardener to look after all the plants. I will post some more pictures when they get it all finished.
On Sunday we took a tour around Lake Chapala (the largest lake in Mexico), which is the lake Ajijic is situated on. We went through lots of little towns, mostly pretty poor. Most roads are good, but off the main road they get very bumpy because they are only made of stone, and the stones are not flat. By the time we got back to our casita, we were grumpy from bumpy roads. But a good dinner of tostitoes and beer, and we are happy again!!
Adios until tomorrow.