Sunday, June 8, 2008

Desolation Sound

Sunday June 8
Depart: Copeland Islands Marine Park 0810
Light rain, 13 C , some clearing to the north
Arrive: Otter Island anchorage, 1130
Trip log: 103.7 nm
We are heading to Desolation Sound today. Our prawn trapping was not successful last night in 180', but we will try again today maybe a bit deeper.
We have noticed A LOT fewer boats on the water this year.... may be because of the price of diesel, but it sure is nice having the anchorages nearly deserted.
The picture above is looking north towards Refuge Cove, over to the left would be Cortes Island (not in the picture) and to the right is West Redonda Island.
We are going out kayaking and at low tide today we will try to 'catch' some oysters, shoudn't be too difficult. :-)