Sunday, June 8, 2008

Otter Island

We have put our anchor down in a little cove close to Otter Island. Here is a picture of Jerry stern tying our boat! This is not really that complicated, and he makes it look so easy! After this it is a good thing he is not missing in action!
Stern tying for the purpose of anchoring requires a person, usually the man, to get in the dingy (after already setting the anchor at the front of the boat) with a line that is attached to the stern of the boat, row to shore, and loop the line around something sturdy, in this case an arbutus tree that already had a short line attached to it. Then you have to get back in the dingy, row back to your boat and tie the other end of the line to your stern as well. The idea is so that when you are in a tight anchorage, your boat will not swing around, causing havoc in the middle of the night. While all this is going on, the other person, usually the woman, is having to control the boat, feed out shore line, and take abuse from the other person who is having any number of problems. Easy!