Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bamfield to Alma Russell Islands

Cave on Robinson Island.

Leave: Bamfield 0830
Woke up today and the fog has rolled in again but the forecast is for clearing and some wind this afternoon. Rick and Rosita jammed out on our sailing trip today because of the weather, but will take us up on our offer to sail in the Gulf Islands.
We are headed east in Barkley Sound to explore the eastern side which is actually part of Vancouver Island.
Arrive: 1145 Robinson Island, Alma Russell Islands
Lat: 48 57.10 Lon: 125 12.31
Trip log: 155.9 nm
This area is hugging the Vancouver Island Coastline, along the eastern shore of Barkley Sound, close to the entrance to Effingham Inlet. We have tucked in behind Robinson Island, out of the wind if any comes up. The ocean swell has been reduced to pretty much nothing here.
A kayak tour around Robinson Island was a fun adventure, turning up some caves (it was low tide and a little too rough to enter) and TONS of starfish of all kinds. They are so beautiful while underwater, and very difficult to photograph with my camera. It is looking more and more like I am going to need a new camera that is waterproof.

Just before dinner, we headed out in the kayaks again to take a tour of Julia Passage. This is an area that is float home central. Most of the homes are summer only, but a few have year round residents. Very interesting lifestyle. Check out the vegetable garden on the left side of the house.