Thursday, July 16, 2009

Robinson Island to Pinkerton Islands

The fog starting to lift while we ate our breakfast.

Thursday July 16, 2009
Leave: 0715
There was no internet reception at our anchorage, so we have hit the water early to hook up again to see what is happening in the world! Same old stuff, really!
The fog is very thick, and we are using radar and our gps to guide us. We stopped to have breakfast close to Canoe Island, then continued on and found a nice anchorage in the Pinkerton Islands.
Arrive: 1215 Pinkerton Islands, north side of Broken Group
Lat: 48 57.55 Lon: 125 16.75
This is a very quiet little anchorage, with beautiful green water. It is super clear, we can see down maybe 20 feet! Kayaked around the Pinkerton Islands, it is pretty here but not as much to see as yesterday. We are looking forward to the sunset tonight, hopefully if the fog does not come back.
I played around with the colour on this picture on the trees, but the water is the same.