Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hummer puzzle.

Wednesday January 14, 2009
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I have looked high and low, but have not had any luck identifying this hummer. It is quite large, the beak is red with a black tip, it has a white underside and not much colour on the back and head, almost a dark grey. I have tossed around the idea that it might be the mate to the previous pictured hummer, but am not convinced because the tail is different.

We are off to go to the dentist. All three of us have appointments for a cleaning. The sun is shinning today, only a few puffy white clouds around. We are REALLY enjoying the sunshine, it is suppose to get up to about 20 today. Just perfect!


margie said...

I can't find it in my book. The closest thing I found is the Violet crowned hummer and I don't think it is that one. sorry!
Glad you are enjoying the weather. We are having our second wave(literally) of wet weather in a week. High wind and 80 mm of rain tonight. If we do not reply with in 48 hours of an e-mail, come looking for us. We may be out to sea!

Mary Shaughnessy, Steedette said...

hi Kag, you could try for online bird identification...or if you have an iphone, you can download a bird id ap for it!

love, m.b.