Monday, June 21, 2010

Anchorage to Seward and back to Anchorage

Monday June 21, 2010
We left Faribanks early Sundy in the rain. The closer we got to Seward, the nicer the weather became. By the time we stopped for the night, it was pretty much a cloudless sky. Below is the picture I took from our "campsite" along a beautiful glacial river. This photo was taken just before midnight. The sun still had almost another two hours to go before setting. We usually go to bed at about 10 pm, but with these longer days, we are still not tired at midnight and are having to force ourselves to go to sleep. !!??!!

The town of Seward Alaska off in the distance.
We got a great nights sleep and then headed off to Seward, only a few kilometers away. A very beautiful setting but very touristy of course. It is amazing what happened to this town during the earthquake in 1964, it was almost completely destroyed. You would never know anything happened today. 
Headed back to Anchorage after lunch and now we are just takn' it easy, enjoying a little r & r.

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