Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fairbanks AK

Saturday June 19, 2009
Friday night we slept in the car, sounds not that nice, but it was actually pretty comfortable. We found a side road off the main highway, very private and quiet. The only problem was we had to try to block out the light with towels and jackets because we couldn't get to sleep. Oh yes, and did I mention the mosquitoes? It never really got dark, even after the sun set it was still light enough that you could see everything without turning on a light.
We arrived in Fairbanks about noon, checked into a hotel, took a short nap and then headed up to the Univeristy of Alaska to their museum. Here we are sitting on a 4500 pound nugget of copper.

We spent nearly 3 hours at the museum, it was really well done. After dinner we went to the Aleyska Oil Pipeline viewing area just outside Fairbanks. Incredibly, there is about $1million worth of oil that goes through this pipeline each hour....
This picture was taken at almost 11:00 pm on June 19th
Tomorrow we are on the road again, off to Anchorage and we will spend a couple days there.

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