Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exploring Smith Inlet

Wednesday August 3, 2011
Exit Walker Group
Arrive Anchor Bight, Indian Island 51 17.14N, 127 38.38W

A starfish and limpets.
Our fist venture into Smith Inlet. It is beautiful and quiet. This is the traditional territory of the Gwasilla tribe and we have anchored in a small cove off Indian Island. Upon closer inspection, we realized that it is an old site of an Indian village. We waited for low tide, then took the dingy over and had a look around. The site was only abandoned back in the early 1960's, but nature is reclaiming her territory. Trees have grown up so thick it would be next to impossible to go ashore and explore. The middens we saw were over 6 feet thick on some edges that are being washed away by the sea.
We dingyed over to the center of the bay and plunked the prawn trap down in about 250 feet of water (we think). 

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