Monday, September 19, 2011

The beautiful Ahclakerho Islets

Thursday August 4, 2011
exit Anchor Bight, Indian Island
anchor: Ahclakerho Islet 51 16.45N, 127 27.80W
Pulled up the prawn trap and as usual it was totally empty. I am thinking we are either getting too deep or not deep enough. Who knows?
Pictograph in Ahclackerho Channel, looks something like a bug. Cool, eh?

Off to Ah-clack-er-ho Islands, Prideaux Haven without the crowds. We motored-sailed most of the day, still in Smith Inlet, then down through Ahclackerho Channel where we passed a humpback whale on his way out and the pictograph pictured above.
Seagulls line up to roost for the night.
We didn't see another boat the whole day. Our companions were the whales, birds and seals.

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Pat Shaughnessy said...

That was my very first pictograph! And yes, a BIG bug! Those seagulls are really 'spaced out'! That was so cool to see them like that.