Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goose Island

Tuesday August 16 & Wednesday August 17, 2011
exit Louise Channel anchorage
arrive Goose Island 52 55.84N, 128 26.00W our farthest point north and west.
The low profile of the Goose Group of islands at low tide.

Last night we talked, planned, schemed and talked more about whether or not we should head out to Goose Island. In the end, as you can see, we decided to go. The reason we were hesitant was because it is a small group of very low (therefore no protection) islands about 6 miles from the mainland coast. Not really a great distance, but far enough that you don't want to get caught out there in the weather turns nasty which it easily can without much warning. But the forecast look favorable and we were in the mood!
Goose Island at sunset. The other boat arrived on our second night there.

Our rational was that we could always bail if the nasties came up. But we had a beautiful crossing and got anchored snuggly and right away decided that we would be staying two nights because is was sooo beautiful, not to mention isolated, what more could you ask for? Even after spending two days here, we did not get to all the little nooks and crannies we had hoped. 
Just after we got anchored, we got the dingy in the water and motored around Gull Island, a small island about half a mile in length. The the next morning, we dingyed over to Gosling Island, beached it and hiked over the island to a bay on the south side to explore.  A very nice hike though the woods, like walking though an old growth rain forest. The beaches here have sand that is just like silk, so soft and deep! Later in the day, after lunch we motored in Tail over to Goose Island to explore the beach for treasures.... and yes, I did find a treasure or two. In the end, I managed to find two glass fishing floats! Just what I was looking for. Jerry ask me if could find him a 100 oz gold bar, but so far I have not been able to. I will keep looking though.

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