Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leaving our new favorite place.

Thursday August 18, 2011
exit Goose Island
arrive Lane Rock Cove, Hunter Island 51 54.73N, 128 11.46W
Sunset in Lane Rock Cove.
I am back to posting after taking time off to visit the grand children in Alberta and other assorted duties. But I need to get our summer trip finished on this blog before we start a new trip! Besides, thinking about all the fun we had this past summer makes me feel warmer as I sit at my computer and look across the harbour at the snow covered mountains.
Two days in the Goose Islands and now we are heading back over to the mainland. The wind picked up as we pulled up the anchor and we were able to get a nice motor sail in. Just as we were approaching the mainland, we could see a storm coming in from the west and hoped the other sailboat we were anchored with got away too. It would not be a comfortable place to spend the night during a blow.
We anchored in a little nook called Lane Rock Cove, just in front of an islet that blocks the entrance to a lagoon, creating twin waterfalls that reverse with the tide. It is a magical place.