Monday, October 3, 2011

Underhill Island

Tuesday August 9, 2011
exit Pruth Bay
anchor East Cove, Underhill Island 51 45.97N, 128 04.05 W
Tuglet getting a tow from Tail because the crew was too lazy to put the motor on.

This area, all around Hakai, is known for it's fabulous fishing. After leaving our anchorage, we stopped in Hakai Passage near an underwater pinacle to fish for ling cod. After a couple tries, I got a nice on on the hook, maybe about 3 feet in length. Jerry is in charge of the net, and just as he was getting Mr Ling in the net, he (she) jumped and got away! Oh well, we know where he lives and we will be back.
We then headed across the passage and stopped again, this time caught two black rock cod easily and filleted them for dinner. Meanwhile, Roma was catching her share of salmon using their fancy down riggers and all the gear.

Our first pick for an anchorage was too closed in, with now view, so we motored another 30 minutes and snuggled into a small cove that overlooked Hakai Passage and the little islands dotted everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the one that got away. I love those fishy tales.