Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to West Beach on Calvert Island.

Monday August 8, 2011
exit Fury Cove
anchor Pruth Bay, Calvert Island 51 39.24N, 128 07.46W
Lazy morning, such a beautiful day, what is the hurry? After breakfast, Invictus breaks loose and goes to haul their prawn and crab traps. We head out of Fury Cove, our destination today is Calvert Island and one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast, at least in my humble opinion. Peter radios over to find out if I would like to try my hand at fishing for a salmon. Of course! So I get transferred and Jerry motors on alone, heading towards our anchorage.
To this point in my life, I have never caught a salmon. Other fish, yes, but never a salmon. Peter has all the gear and I feel confident I will turn a corner in my life. Ha! Not today, you silly! No, no, no. Peter hauls in a couple, but my rod does not! Oh well, ever the optimist, I am not worried. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....
All of us on West Beach, Calvert Island.

After we get anchored, we head over to shore for the 15 minute walk to the west side of the island. We have been so lucky with the weather, it is so nice and warm, even though it is a little cloudy. 
The only wildlife we have seen so far today.

Back on the boats, we try our luck with the crab traps. Of course, Peter and Roma haul up a whole bucket full of Dungeness within about an hour. How many did Kathy and Jerry catch? One. The Invictus crew were very nice to invite us over for a crab dinner.
Invictus and Splendid Mane at anchor in Pruth Bay, Calvert Island.


Pat Shaughnessy said...

What a nice twosome! And what fun!

Peter and Roma said...

You have to hold your tongue just so if you want to catch a salmon. I tried to show you but....?? Actually I think you did have a bite.

I gather from subsequent rumors that you have now caught a salmon, turning the proverbial corner in your life. Yay! And congratulations. Now you have to get yourself a nice downrigger or two? That will do the trick. Or tell Jerry that I said he should buy you one.

Now I'll let you in on a little trick.... the best bait to catch crabs is a salmon head!

We'll see you back on the water in April for another salmon/crab fishing lesson.