Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reversing Waterfalls on Hunter Island

Friday August 19, 2011
exit Lane Rock Cove
arrive Kinsman Cove, Hunter Island 51 55.68N, 128 09.50W
One of the reversing waterfalls at low tide.
If you are out boating by yourself, your time is your time and you can do whatever you want. Sometimes we loose track of time and sometimes we pay no attention to time. Today is one of those days. We enjoyed a beautiful morning, sipping coffee and reading, waiting for the tide to change so we could see the reversing waterfalls. Just before lunch, it looked like they might be maxed out for the morning, so we got in the dingy to get a closer look. In areas like this, where there is lots of water flowing back and forth, the sea life is incredible. Everything is competing for space on the rocks or seafloor. It is really beautiful.
Our next anchorage, Kinsman Cove, is a cozy two boat cove, but promises some interesting adventures for tomorrow.


Peter and Roma said...

When you say 'reversing waterfall' does that mean there is a waterfall inland when the tide is flooding?

Wet Coasters said...

at high tide, the waterfall would be going the other way, towards the lagoon. we came across this situation quite a few times on our trip.

Peter and Roma said...