Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to Pruth Bay

Tuesday August 23 and 24, 2011
leave Bremner Bay
arrive Pruth Bay 51 39.24N 128 07.44W
This cheeky raven was looking for a handout.
So here we are back in Pruth Bay. If truth be told, we came back looking to catch s**t load of dungeness. We put the anchor down on the opposite side of the bay this time, then put out the crab trap (with a salmon head) and waited an hour or so. Pulled up the trap, nothing. So put it back and waited again.... trap up, nothing. Maybe all the crabs really are on the other side. The next morning, we pulled up the anchor and went to the other side, exactly where all the crabs were last time. Put the trap down and got in the dingy to head over to the beach.
West Beach, Calvert Island
This is our third time on this beach, and this time we turned left instead of right and walked a couple miles all the way to second beach. It is a beautiful coast line, with unbelievable beaches, definitely worth the walk. 
This was either third or forth beach.
These were on the side of the trail, but not sure what type they are. I can't help it, I love taking pictures of mushrooms too!
Now, back at the boat, we pulled up the crab trap again, and yes, you guess it, nothing!! Oh well, we still love coming to this spot and will come here again, crab or no crab!


Peter and Roma said...

You have to hold your tongue 'just so' when you pull up the trap, otherwise it will always be empty.


Peter and Roma said...

Or maybe it's the pink shoes.... if you can find a new home for them you will notice a dramatic improvement in your crab production statistics.