Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alaska Bound this summer!

Saturday May 31, 2014
Well, we are at it again.... we have departed on our next adventure and our most northern destination is Juneau Alaska and everything in between. We are not going to be posting as much as in the past, we will only have internet when we are in a marina or go ashore.

Bucaneer Bay, Thormanby Island, first night anchorage.

Our first day out, we were lucky to get in a few hours of sailing, but mostly the wind blew straight (NW) on our bow. All the way up Georgia Strait and up past Desolation and into the Broughtons, we had NW wind. 

On shore leave, Rendezvous Islands, Calm Channel, just north of Desolation.

Today, Wednesday, we arrived in Port McNeil to fuel up and fill water tanks. Tomorrow we will cross Queen Charlotte Strait and anchor in Blunden Harbour. On Friday June 6th, we will round Cape Caution and head up the BC coast to Prince Rupert. 

The effects of the NW wind on trees at Tuna Point, Johnstone Strait.

We have already seen our fair share of wildlife in the first few days of our trip. Just off Texada Island, we crossed paths with a beautiful large pod of orca whales. And several times we have seen single and mini pods of dolphins. And a grizzly bear! And do we have a story to tell! But I am going to wait to tell you until my next post, just to keep you hanging in there!

So off agin tomorrow. The weather forecast is for south and south east wind starting on Friday which is PERFECT for sailing up the coast. I won't believe it until it happens!! Keep posted for some exciting times!

All's well... Kathy and Jerry aboard SV Splendid Mane.

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Maureen said...

I'm glad you're going to be blogging your journey again, Kat and Jerry. I'll be following along and looking for your less frequent posts. I always love your photos and the way you describe things so simply. Have a great time and be safe!