Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sitka.... & our first day of rain in 4 days!

Thursday July 17, Sitka
Well, we are back in Sitka, one of our favourite towns in Alaska. Unfortunately, it started to rain late today, but we are hoping it won't last too long since we plan to do some biking around town tomorrow. We will stay here two nights and then head south along the west coast of Baranof Island. Once we get around the southern cape, we will decide which way to go depending on which way the wind is blowing... hehe... we might be heading north again!!

Some of the boats in the harbour in Sitka.

On our way yesterday, we came across this colony of over 100 sea otters, just hanging.

That little boat in the centre is Splendid Mane at anchor in Kalinin Bay, Baranof Island.

The two waters in Glacier Bay ... one full of glacial silt.

Ice berg, unusual colour, and unusual shape.

Reid Glacier, Reid Inlet where we anchored for two nights.

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Peter and Roma said...

Another Invictus!! Roma and I are both pining for our Invictus. Your posts are quite painful for us. Hope you are having fun.