Thursday, June 12, 2008

Inch'n our way up the island

Monday June 9
Depart: Otter Island secret anchorage 0640
Stop: Refuge Cove for fuel 50L @ $1.58!!! (that is $6.32 for a US gallon for all my family stateside, so quit your belly achin) Hours on engine: 1173
Arrive: Bickley Bay 1700
Lat: 50 26.69 Lon: 125 23.63
It has been raining ALL day but we are very dry and comfortable on our little boat.
Trip log: 142.6 nm

We pulled up the prawn trap this morning and there was absolutely nothing in it, not even a piece of seaweed or jelly fish! Oh well, I think we need to put it down deeper. We are hoping that we get all our rainy weather out of the way before we get over to the west coast. It really hasn't been that bad, we are on the Wet Coast after all.